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Create your own RPG map with our editor in few seconds. Choose your sprite in a big collection, tree, grass, background and other... Save your RPG map for later time or play and edit in real time during your game.

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If you like Roleplaying games in Dungeon with wizard. RPG Mapper is made for you, perfect for roll20 like inkarnate. It is a game maker or rpg maker, not based on tileset for a best liberty .Design your dongeon, finish your scripting and export your screenshoot. A good tools for Game master. A large collection of items and Npcs for Roleplay.Create rpg, role playing game map, battle map. Dice game and geek game rpg tools tabletop oriented map editor, dexterity, strengh, life, initiative, sorcerer, war, priest, paladin, orc, Elves and other class and race for D&D dongeon and dragon, pathfinder starfinder